Emailer Designing

Sending a creatively designed mailer has a much higher impact on your view rates and responses.

An Email design has a very important factor which is “CALL TO ACTION”. An apt call to action can multiply your traffic and hence yield you much better results.

We address to the most prominent aspects for an effective emailer designing based on our years of past experience.

Tips for an effective HTML email design

  • The most important thing is to keep it straight and simple. Focus on your message.
  • Correct balance of images versus text is very important for deliverability
  • Usage of communication words plays an important role in how your emails are treated by other email servers
  • Correct placement of Call To Action is the key factor that decides the response that you yield from an email campaign
  • Rendering of the emails in various Email Clients and Free Web Mail engines is very important as all of them treat the code differently

We at Mazeweb understand this pretty well and hence help lots of our customer get better responses to their email marketing campaigns with our emailer designing services.

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